After Obama Judge Tried To Take Down Michael Flynn – Senator Cotton Just Called For Sullivan’s Impeachment

When new evidence emerged the Michael Flynn had been set up, the DOJ tried to drop the case. But we all watched in shock as an Obama-appointed judge, Emmett Sullivan, refused to end the trial.

He blocked the Feds from ending the case—and made unprecedented moves in the apparent hope to still prosecute and punish Flynn.

Trump ended the charade recently by pardoning Flynn, forcing the case to eventually be dropped by the court.

Now, a top Republican senator is calling for major consequences for what this judge did.

From Tom Cotton’s Twitter:

Judge Sullivan should be impeached for gross abuse of power.

Judge Sullivan on #Flynn’s case just granted a lineup of requests to file friend-of-the-court briefs in the wake of Trump granting a pardon to the former national security adviser.

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