Biden Kills Pipelines at Home But Promotes Them for the Taliban

Liberals hate America. they don’t want a border wall with Mexico that would stem the flow of illegals into this country. But, they are more than willing to fund fences around the world.

Now, Biden has killed 52,000 jobs over his edict that killed the Keystone Pipeline, but now they are pushing for a pipeline that will benefit the Taliban.

Killing the Keystone Pipeline forces Canada to ship their oil through existing pipelines that will be grabbed by China.

Commission to The Big Guy?

But Biden does want the Taliban to get a pipeline. Remember, the Taliban is responsible for killing thousands of Americans. If you think this is typical liberal hypocrisy then you are absolutely right.

Biden not only wants it but he has brokered a meeting between the Taliban and the Turkmenistan government for a Trans-Afghanistan pipeline to bring Turkmen gas across Afghanistan and Pakistan to India.

If this sounds familiar, it is.

Before the 9/11 attack, now-Special Envoy, Zalmay Khalilzad, sought to make it with the Taliban. At the time he was a consultant for the Unocal Corporation.

It was a bad idea at the time, and now it’s even worse. Turkmenistan is ruled by a despot and its citizens are more restricted than North Koreans are.

The pipeline would enrich the elite but the people will get scraps…..if they’re lucky.

From The Washington Examiner

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