Bombshell: Sidney Powell Confirms It Was An Assassination in Georgia

In this video, Sidney Powell drops another bombshell about the allegeld assassination of Kelly Loeffler young staffer she is referring to in the car crash was also Governor Brian Kemps daughters fiance. The communists were sending Governor Kemp a message concerning the recount in Georgia . Gov. Kemp complied .

Sidney Powell will eventually be exonerated, but the current regime in power is not going to let that happen. It will take a decade or more for the facts to be acknowledged by media, when they will have no other options.

Hillary Clinton, please tell me who killed Seth Rich? Who killed Vince Foster??

I don’t expect salvation from anyone,and I sure don’t have the faith in others to save me. I agree with the TEXIT (Texas secession movement) and I’ve been promoting that strategy ever since I heard it was being discussed. I think other RED states will follow if TEXIT succeeds. At that point we can “regroup” and defend the re-established Republic. At that point we can stand against the Commies that have infiltrated and taken over our government.

But we don’t have much time. Some people are looking for the 2022/24 elections to “make things right”. Well, hell no. It will be way too late by then. If we let lies and fraud stand and unaddressed, we can forget about a free country…EVER. That’s how I see it.

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