BREAKING: Police Told To Investigate Thousands Of Fake Biden Votes Found At Wisconsin

Police have been told to investigate the sudden discovery of over 2,000 fake votes at the Wisconsin recount in Dane County on Friday. 

On Black Friday there were so many GOP observers that dozens of them had nowhere to sit and had to relocate to an upstairs room to watch on closed ciruit TV.

These observers then discovered thousands of fake votes for Biden.

The signature “MLW” was used on all of the fake votes.

These initials were found on thousands of “votes” by “indefinitely confined” people.

As reported: Joe Biden reportedly won Wisconsin after a huge dump of votes were dropped in the middle of the night, Biden only votes, to put him ahead of President Donald Trump.

Joe Biden currently ‘leads’ the state by around 20,000 votes.

In this final photo, the fake votes are the two piles on the right.

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