BREAKING:Joe Biden Sends B-1 Nuke Bombers to Russian Doorstep in Powerful Message to Putin After Fiery First Phone Call


Biden is sending B-1 nuke bombers to Russia’s doorstep in a powerful message to Vladimir Putin.

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From TheSun:

Four B-1s and 200 Americans stationed at Dyess Air Force in Texas are being deployed to Orland Air Base in Norway.

The base puts the US Air force on the edge of Russian airspace and around 1,379 miles from Moscow.

Within the next three weeks, missions are expected to begin in the Arctic Circle and in international airspace off northwestern Russia.

Until now US missions over the Arctic had been staged out of the UK.

The move of forces to Norway shows the US wil be able to react quickly in case of Russian aggression.

Norway deployment has been in the works for some time as bomber missions take weeks to plan, reports CNN.

President Biden has already made clear he is planning to adopt a different, much tougher approach to Russia than his predecessor, Donald Trump.

The B-1 bombers will be stationed 1379 miles from Moscow

The US president had his first call with the Russian president last month.

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