BREAKING:Trump attorney’s home VANDALIZED while he was DEFENDING at Impeachment. [WATCH]


Attorney Michael van der Veen was in Washington, D.C. the last few days defending former President Donald Trump against spurious impeachment charges during a media driven fiasco that involved fake evidence. While he was performing this patriotic service, scumbags vandalized his family’s home.

The complicit media keep saying “near” his home in headlines. They spray-painted “TRAITOR” on his driveway. That’s his property. It’s not just “graffiti” either. It’s vandalism, trespassing, and intimidation. The press wouldn’t be so dismissive if the word SOCIALIST were spray-painted on AOC’s .. skateboard ramp, or whatever she has instead of a driveway. Some of y’all may not remember but way back in the ancient time of four years ago the press said Trump was inciting violence by calling people socialists.

What about “Traitor” folks?

‘TRAITOR’: Trump attorney’s home VANDALIZED while he was DEFENDING at Impeachment. [WATCH]

The press won’t even blink at this. They do not care, just like they don’t care about the year of intimidation and terror across the country brought by the violent, unhinged, Marxist Antifa horde.

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