Cancel Culture Strikes Again: PGA Plans To Move The 2022 Championship Away From Trumps New Jersey Golf Course

Twitter isn’t the only one banning Trump.

Reports have come out that the PGA will look into moving their 2020 PGA championship away from the Trump National Golf Club Bedminster.

This is just another case of liberals saying “you better obey us or we’ll get rid of you” to the PGA.

Friends at this point they are practically banning Trump from everything.

It’s completely ridiculous!

The Washington Examiner covered the story, see what they had to share:

The Professional Golfers’ Association of America is expected to move its 2022 PGA Championship away from the Trump National Golf Club Bedminster.

Golfweek’s Eamon Lynch reported the development in a critique published Saturday evening.

“The odds that ’22’s PGA Championship will happen as scheduled in New Jersey are about as good as the chances of you or I winning it,” he wrote. “Moving its major from Trump National has been debated internally at the PGA for more than two years, but executives have been reluctant to antagonize a famously vindictive man who controls the Internal Revenue Service. Such concerns melt away in 10 days, if not sooner.”

In September the PGA made the announcement that the Championship would be played there:

New Jersey News covered the story too:

he PGA of America will strip Donald Trump of the 2022 PGA Championship, which is scheduled to be held at Trump National Bedminster golf club in New Jersey.about:blank

In a blistering column that says the golf world must sever all ties with Trump, Golfweek’s Eamon Lynch said the PGA has been debating for two years the need to move the major championship and, once Trump is out of office, will announce the tournament will be played elsewhere

Unfortunately, liberals and liberals in disguise(Lincoln Project leaders) have urged the PGA to move the championship from a course that isn’t owned by President Trump.

What’s next will liberals try to ban Trump from drinking water and eating food?

It’s almost like they are trying to create political segregation for President Trump and his voters.

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