Hunter Biden’s Addiction to Illicit Sexual Thrills Showed by Text Messages —“I Just Go For Ones That Bring Party to Me”

As more evidence from Hunter Biden’s laptop is revealed, the public now see clearly the criminality of Joe Biden’s family and his son, Hunter Biden, a pervert, drug addict, abuser, and lier.

The following text messages reveal an “unknown49” friend talking with Hunter Biden about women, mentioning “hot” “Ukraine chicks” from “Pace university”, “The Asians”, “All Black”. They also talked about increasing “atm w/draw limit” because of their spending on sexual services. Chris Rock and Autumn Holley were mentioned in their conversations.

Date of the messages: May 20th, 2016

Description: Sex and corruption

What a corrupted Hunter’s life! We need to know how Biden’s families behave behind Joe’s power, as this is the critical moment for America and the world to choose to go to a bright future, NO COMMUNIST CORRUPTION, NO LIES ABOUT VIRUS, and we can all embrace a clean and healthy tomorrow without the CCP made virus!

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