Joe Biden has used images of Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler in a campaign ad against President Trump


The ad once again repeats the fake claim Biden has been using for two years, that Trump called neo Nazis in Charlottesville ‘very fine people’, when in reality he said they should be “condemned totally.”

The key section of the ad uses archival footage of Adolf Hitler saluting at a rally in Nazi Germany, with the crowd throwing back the ‘heil Hitler’ salute.

The clear purpose is to compare Trump to Hitler, and Trump supporters to the brainwashed masses who supported the murderous dictator’s rise to power.

Elsewhere in the ad Biden attempts to paint himself as a champion of the civil rights movement, despite his past support for segregation.

The rest of the ad is a bunch of people making a love sign with their hands and mouthing along to a Black Eyed Peas song. It is highly bizarre, to say the least.

This isn’t the first time Biden has directly compared Trump to Nazis, previously saying that the President is like the chief Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels:

Last month The Jewish Democratic Council of America put out an ad titled “Hate doesn’t stop itself, it must be stopped,” featuring a split screen with footage of Trump rallies, and by its side footage of Nazi rallies from the 1930s.

For good measure, the Democrats threw in images of white supremacists from Charlottesville in 2017, as well as images from the 2018 Pittsburgh synagogue attack.


The video was so crude that even the ADL, which routinely labels Trump a white supremacist, denounced it as “deeply offensive”:

“This has no place in the presidential race and is deeply offensive to the memories of 6M+ Jews systematically exterminated during the Shoah,” ADL head Jonathan Greenblatt tweeted.

“We urge leaders & their surrogates to refrain from invoking the #Holocaust in the context of the current election. It is not the same. Stay focused on the issues,” Greenblatt added.

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