Joe Biden’s Covid-19 Taskforce Member Recommends Withholding Food Stamps and Rent Assistance From Those Who Refuse Coronavirus Vaccines


If you vote for the oppressors, you commit atrocities. It turns out to millions of Joe Biden supporters that their candidates manage to steal elections and seize control of the White House. A prominent member of the BIA Kovid-19 Taskforce, a CIA-linked operative named Ludiana Borio, says those who refuse vaccination should be denied food stamps and fare assistance. And to convince black Americans to take the vaccine, the affected should be hired to blackwash them with special compliance messages that have been scientifically tested in socially engineering focus groups.

In other words, Follow or starve. All this is contained in the report linked in this story, by the way.

This is on top of another Biden taskforce member, who is now demanding a 4-6-week national lockdown for all Americans – a way to end whatever small businesses could have survived the Kovid nightmare by now National economic suicide of.

This is kovid torture Absolutely right The caveat we warned was coming: lockdown atrocities and vaccine atrocities, implemented through a terrible new “medical credit scoring” system that tracks your compliance with government orders for vaccines, lockdowns and masks Does.

The taskforce member in question here is Luciana Borio, MD, Vice President of In-Q-Tel, a CIA-linked propaganda front that uses social engineering tactics to enslave humanity. He is listed as the top member of the “Working Group of the Reading Population for COVID-19 Vaccines” as described from the document. Health Safety Center, Released by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in July of this year. A copy of this PDF is saved on natural news servers if they try to take it down from their original location.

The document states that federal agencies should collide to develop a “national publicity strategy” – also known as a “national propaganda strategy” – to convince people to take the potentially dangerous and deadly Kovid-19 vaccine Which ended their actual rigorous testing. .

“Bundles” of vaccination with food stamps, health care and fare assistance

The document suggests that the vaccine mandate gets “bundled” with other social services such as meal stamps (WIC programs), fare assistance and health care services. The report states:

Local and state public health agencies should explore gaps and collaboration with non-governmental partners to bundle vaccination with other safety net services.

It also states that there will be vaccines with “stamping” meal stamps, “a way to build trust and make vaccine provisions” for low-income people such as “between blacks and minority communities”.

Yes, as we all have known for some time, deposition vaccines in the US are targeting blacks, which is the goal of the abortion industry. But anyone who criticizes the vaccination of black Americans will be called Casteism, Of course. The report also talks about the place Medical Police Monitoring State Infrastructure To ensure blacks and minorities are surrendered forcibly vaccinated, in real-time:

It will also be important to monitor in real time who has vaccinated and what are the key formulators and barriers to vaccination within communities, so local public health departments can adapt their approaches accordingly.

The document also talks about blacking-up to be the language of vaccine propaganda to appeal to vaccines and so-called anti-vaccines:

Given the diverse nature of social identity in the United States, vaccination communications will need to be tailored to specific audiences that are the key to an equitable and effective COVID-19 response (eg, essential workers, parents, high comorbidity Rate groups, community colors, vaccine-hesitating individuals).

In order to make up the minds of blacks and minorities to accept dangerous, experimental Kovid-19 vaccines, document authors say influential celebrities (such as Hollywood stars and music stars) should be recruited to deliver the message, so that the uninformed To influence people:

Engage a broad network of trusted spokespersons who can deliver and reinforce a unified message about COVID-19 vaccination … to motivate people to perform protective actions such as vaccination to provide them with a reliable and Repeated listening to specific messages is delivered through many trusted messengers and diverse media. Channel.

The report even acknowledges that blacks and minorities have previously been lied to and abused by the government, particularly involving public health issues: “… minority groups have often been accused of government abuse Has experienced a history that can instill hard faith in it. “

Finally, the document proposes that scientific testing on “vaccination messages” should be openly published by the NIH, CDC, and NLM (National Library of Medicine) so that all authorities have access to all social engineering experiments, which, along with Prof. Let’s try to blackwash. -Waskin Promotions.

Mandatory Vaccine Sites: Grocery stores, pharmacies, schools, workplaces, senior citizen centers and churches will all be used to administer vaccines.

The document not only recommends that food aid and rent assistance be withdrawn from those who refuse mandatory coronavirus vaccines, it also states that “home visits” use people on a door-to-door basis Should be injected at. In addition, workplaces, pharmacies, churches, and schools are designated as candidates for forced vaccination, and the document suggests pharmacists are allowed to “administer a vaccine directly without a standing order” .

The document specifically states that vaccine efforts should include “nontraditional sites” such as “places of worship” or senior centers, and that the Kovid-19 vaccine should be used for other essential social services such as food stamps (see below). Must be “bundled” with.

From the document: (emphasis added)

COVID-19 vaccination may need to speed up the use of sites that are already available and accessible to older adults, which are used less frequently; For example, widely housed community pharmacies are an underutilized site for routine vaccine promotion and administration, 111, but were successfully used to expand access to pandemic vaccines in 2009 and 2010.112. Most adults in the United States live closer to a pharmacy than a clinic, and pharmacy vaccination programs may be particularly effective for difficult-to-reach populations. The pharmacy vaccination effort works best when pharmacists are adequately trained to administer a new vaccine and when state-level policies provide pharmacists with the ability to vaccinate directly without standing orders. Other nontraditional vaccination settings include Grocery stores, senior citizen centers, health departments, mass vaccination clinics and local corporations; They have been evaluated as safe and acceptable sites for pneumococcal and influenza vaccines. After 13–115 doctors’ offices, the next most common setting for influenza vaccination is for pharmacies, stores (eg, supermarkets), and workplaces. 16 to be allowed to be adults. It seems prudent to vaccinate directly in their workplaces, especially for essential workers likely to be in the first category for vaccinations. Schools, which are trusted institutions in every community and are available on weekends and nights, are an additional candidate location; They were used extensively during polio vaccination campaigns. 17 In some cases, it may be acceptable and even possible Get vaccinated through home visits by community health nurses When vaccination is tied to delivery of other preventive health services; This approach has received a strong recommendation in the past from the Community Preventive Services Task Force.118. Ensuring that all COVID-19 vaccination sites maintain a safe physical distance may require additional planning.

The report also urges vaccine pushers to “logistics” plans to use grocery stores as “frontline” sites in the “vaccine rollout”. Here is the text from the report:

Federal, state, and local health officials and their strategic partners should be experts and actively involved in vaccine rollout preparations as soon as possible, as novel or nontraditional sites for vaccination can become the headlines of a successful vaccination program. These specialists can help coordinate efforts at heterogeneous sites and adapt strategies to suit each site. For example, vaccination logistics and rollout at the grocery store site would require different planning and preparation than vaccine rollout in traditional healers offices.

Get ready for rolling out of an Orwellian medical police state run by fascist vaccine pushers and Big Tech censors

Bottom line in all of this? If Biden is elected president and his Kovid-19 taskforce becomes a reality, America to be transformed into a vaccine-pushing medical police state Where you cannot go to the grocery store or go to church without being disturbed by the crescent vaccinated zealots.

All independent journalism questioning the safety or efficacy of the vaccine will be banned outright, and the CDC – the use of taxpayer money – to hire famous actors and brainwash the public in vaccination by pro-vaccine recording artists Will roll out an endless stream of hype.

This is when you vote for the oppressors: You torture.

So roll up your sleeves, Biden supporters, and prepare to be forcibly injected with an experimental, potentially lethal vaccine cocktail that will make the Tuskegee experiments look like a cakewalk.

Blacks and minorities are about to be targeted with the ultimate deposition weapon: a euthanasia shot called a “vaccine”, which is so deadly and dangerous, every trick imaginable has to be used to convince people to take it … when it’s free.

And if you say no, you won’t be able to buy groceries, go to church, attend concerts, travel by air or open a bank account. If you continue to protest, don’t worry: They will send “isolation teams” to your home to kidnap you and throw you into a CDC concentration camp, where you “recycled” into the bioslag deposited on food crops. Will go. .

It sounds like the Green New Deal, doesn’t it? Except it really is Green new kill. Welcome to Kovid-1984.

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