Must-see interviews with Steve Quayle, Matt Bracken and JR Nyquist, detailing the post-election CHAOS now just three days away!!!


Democrats are going to lose big in the 2020 election, and the post-election chaos will begin almost immediately after the polls close on Tuesday. The goal of the left-wing extremists? Plunge America into total chaos and disperse a cloud of confusion over the results of the election.

Today we bring you three must-see interviews for anyone wanting to understand the chaos that’s coming. It’s not just a civil war that we’re facing; it’s also a possible attack from communist China and its well-funded operatives in the United States.

In the interviews below — all featured on — Steve Quayle, JR Nyquist and Matt Bracken reveal critical details about the plan to plunge America into darkness and destroy this nation from within.

Be ready. Get informed. Watch and share these videos with anyone who wants to survive the chaos:

Steve Quayle and Mike Adams lay out the Democrats’ plan for post-election CHAOS

JR Nyquist warns of China’s invasion plans for the USA, aided by Democrats

Matt Bracken interviewed by the Health Ranger: Chaos is coming… are you prepared?

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