Nancy Pelosi Calls Police at 3:00 am After House Vandalized With “Pig’s Head and Blood” (Photo)


Well, it wasn’t a very “Happy New Year” for Nancy Pelosi in her swanky San Fran mansion.

She was up at 300 am, calling the cops to report vandalism at her home.

It looks like a typical “Antifa” hit job – the messaging, the violent vibe, and the “anarchist” symbol that was all left on and around her garage.

According to the photos, someone who is angry over the stimulus checks covered Nancy’s garage door graffiti reading “$2k” (crossed out) “cancel rent,” and “we want everything.”

They also left a “pig’s head” and “blood” in front of her garage.

The media is virtually silent on this, but TMZ did report the following:

Somebody left Speaker Nancy Pelosi a very disturbing message to kick off the new year … and it seems to be related to the ongoing financial struggles of millions of Americans.

Pelosi’s San Francisco home was vandalized overnight … most of the damage was done to her garage door and driveway. The perp or perps spray-painted “Cancel Rent!” and “We Want Everything” in big black letters on her door … and there’s also a nod to the failed $2,000 government stimulus checks.

Even more unnerving, what looks like a pig’s head and fake blood were also staged in front of her garage.
Law enforcement sources tell us … San Fran cops responded to a vandalism call at Pelosi’s home around 3 AM. We’re told a police report was taken, but it’s unclear if they have any suspects.

It’s also fair to note, that cops tried to stop anyone from getting pictures of the vandalism.


Pelosi isn’t a queen. She’s a public servant who works for us and we have a right to know what’s going on at our employee’s homes if it involves decisions that they’re making on the job.


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