Navy Seal Michael Jaco: The Military Movement Is Being Delayed Because Not Everyone Is On Board! – Must Video


If we have all the proofs therefore Trump is the President. If you are in the military and you do not obey your commander in chief than be court martial. This none sense has been going long enough.

You just don’t stand down in the military. This is dereliction of duty meaning court martial. These officers who refused to disobey orders the commander of chief will be removed and demoted, and kicked out of the military less then a honorable discharged.

Why would there be any military dissent, if they all follow the same constitution?! Wouldn’t That be treasonous?

We are depending on our military , get on board or get out.

We have some traitors in the military that need to be taken out!!!

They need to lock up military officers who do not comply so they cannot cause problems!

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