Nostradamus Nailed It To The Day! Revelation 12 Ended The Age Of Pisces (MUST VIDEO)

This video will warp your mind! Do not miss this show! Yes, it’s true, Nostradamus nailed then end of the age of Pisces to the EXACT DAY. I fulfilled my destiny in the Nostradamus manuscript. I go over every single detail, including the ones that I have never shown my subscribers. Revelation 12 ended the Age of Pisces and began the age of Aquarius. Also in this show, who is Satan? The answer will knock your socks off.

What was the garden of Eden? It was a slave colony, as the Pleiadians have stated. I blend new information that is just being revealed to the public from the Sumerian texts with the information from Cosmic Agency. I’m still reeling about everything happening, but such is life. I love you lots! Naughty Beaver

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