Patriots Open a Can of Whoop-A** On Antifa Members With a Trump Flag, and Sent Them Packing (VIDEO)


I saw this video and I thought that you’d really enjoy it so I rushed to get it to you.

I tried to find out where and when this incident happened, but I didn’t have any luck, but regardless, I still thought you’d want to see it.

As you know, the nation has been dealing with the violent outbursts from Democrat terror-like groups Antifa and BLM.

They’re the “strong-arm” of the Dem Party and have been allowed to run amuck, almost completely unchecked.

Well, it appears that patriots have had enough, and are now fighting back.

In this glorious video here, a group of Trump supporters took on Antifa, and won…and they did it use a Trump Flag as a weapon!

You can watch the video below:

This is what happens when snot-nosed commies start pushing things too far.

Trump supporters are good, law-abiding citizens who contribute a lot to society, but they’re not going to be pushed around by Soros-commies who just crawled out of a half-way house.

Enough is enough – this is America, people can have differing opinions, and if you can’t handle that fact, there’s a Trump flag with your name on it!

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