She’s Fierce But You’ve Never Seen Her This Mad!!!

We are all familiar with Judge Jeannie’s temper, but we have never seen such anger!

She fights with both barrels, she’s gonna rain on your parade…. but you’ve never seen this angry…

And it’s all because of Kamala Harris.

Judge Jeanine Pirro pressed against Vice President Kamala Harris so hard, the wall seemed soft against her words! And it was because of her tolerance and silence on Andrew Cuomo’s sex allegations.

Jeanine used the “Closing Arguments” to express how double-standard a woman she is, mostly because she stays silent during the continuous and numerous allegations against Cuomo while being against the Republicans on the very same subject.

“Finally, tonight, she is a fraud, a phony, a woman without a moral core, a regular two-faced, mealy-mouthed politician who swings with the wind,” host Pirro began.

She then followed, reminding the American public about a series of headlines about how big of a role she’s playing, being the first female Vice President of color, and the message it gives to all women and girls in America.

“A real role model, ain’t she?” Pirro mocked. “But remember, a woman who couldn’t get one percent of support in her party’s presidential primary nomination, a woman destined to be president, many believe, in the very near future, who can’t answer a question about whether or not Andrew Cuomo should resign after seven women accuse him of sexual harassment and assault.”

“What is this woman afraid of?” Pirro pressed before presenting a video of Harris, who’s walking away from a press because a reporter asked her to comment on Cuomo’s prosecutors.

“Some supporter of women, huh?” the former judge suggested watching the video. “A woman paraded around as a champion of women quick to believe all women unless it doesn’t work to her political advantage. A woman who once prosecuted cases on behalf of rape victims then turns around to raise money for the Minnesota Freedom Fund that bails out the men who rape women.”

“This is certainly not the kind of woman we need running this country as president,” Pirro added as her show was ending.

Watch the whole crucifixion below:


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