Sidney Powell Has the Receipts: “We’ve got pictures of the check stubs paid to people to ballot harvest”

Uh oh.

Are the Democrats in panic mode yet?

Because if they aren’t… they should be.

Not only did Sidney Powell deliver on her Kraken of a lawsuit earlier this week, she also dropped more EVIDENCE for her case.

Powell said:

We’ve got pictures of the check stubs paid to people to ballot harvest.

To clarify, ballot harvesting is illegal in the vast majority of states.

Some states allow ballot harvesting, but those are far and few between.

Nearly all states have banned ballot harvesting.

Sidney Powell has been keeping her cards close to her chest.

What other evidence does she have?

More details on this latest bombshell below!

Powell’s evidence could help bolster her case in court.

On the Republicans House government website, they confirm that ballot harvesting is dangerous and widely illegal:

Ballot harvesting is the practice in which political operatives collect absentee ballots from voters’ homes and drop them off at a polling place or election office. It may sound pretty innocuous, but this practice can and has been abused across the country. We saw this play out in the 2018 midterm elections in North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District when a political operative abused the process of harvesting ballots, which resulted in the North Carolina State Board of Elections to call for reelection.

Ignoring this most notable threat to election security is unacceptable in an election security bill, something Democrats have chosen to do not once this Congress but on several occassions.

n their monstrous, partisan elections bill Democrats rushed through at the start of Congress, H.R. 1, the majority rejected revision attempts made by Republicans at every opportunity to add an amendment that would strike the practice of ballot harvesting.

H.R. 2722, the SAFE Act, is another partisan election bill, this time aimed solely at securing elections. The majority again rejected any attempts made by Republicans to stop this easily corruptible practice of harvesting ballots.

While Democrats choose to ignore this obvious threat to our nation’s elections, Republicans remain committed to outlawing this sinister practice, currently legal in states like California, to ensure that every American’s vote is counted and protected.

Committee Republicans, led by Ranking Member Rodney Davis, have introduced three election security bills that all have provisions to prevent ballot harvesting: H.R. 3412: Election Security Assistance Act, H.R. 4736: The Honest Elections Act, and H.R. 5707: Protect American Voters Act.

It is our congressional duty to give the American people the trust they deserve in their constitutional right to a free and fair election.

If checks were indeed written for ballot harvesting, we should follow the money.

Who cut the checks?

Where did the money come from?

Who organized this effort?

This late-breaking news has massive implications!

One lawsuit was filed in Georgia.

The other in Michigan.

The Hill has more details on these massive cases:

Sidney Powell, the lawyer recently distanced from the Trump campaign, on Wednesday filed typo-filled lawsuits in both Michigan and Georgia alleging election fraud.

The suits alleged problems linked to voting machines, mail-in ballots and former Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, according to Bloomberg. Powell repeatedly made the accusations without providing evidence while she was a member of the Trump campaign’s legal team.

The new suits also included allegations about forged ballots and observers being unable to watch vote tabulation, Bloomberg reported.

President Trump and his allies have repeatedly alleged that the election was riddled with widespread voter fraud without providing any evidence.

Both of the cases filed by Powell were riddled with typographical issues.

The case in Michigan had a number of formatting problems that removed spacing between words, Bloomberg reported. In the Georgia suit, the word district was misspelled twice on the first page of the document: There was an extra c for “DISTRICCT,” and then it was spelled “DISTRCOICT.”about:blankabout:blank

The Trump campaign distanced itself from Powell on Sunday after she made a series of increasingly convoluted and baseless allegations about voter fraud.

She previously appeared alongside former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and other members of the campaign’s legal team, including at a widely criticized press conference last week detailing the campaign’s unsuccessful efforts to halt or overturn the certification results in several battleground states that were called by media outlets for President-elect Joe Biden.

During the press conference, Powell alleged that Dominion Voting Systems, which supplies voting machines across the United States, used technology developed by Chávez, who died in 2013. She said votes were being manipulated overseas to favor Biden.

Powell’s lawsuits are separate from the Trump campaign’s.

There are many ways that Trump can still win.

These cases by Powell are just the icing on the cake.

And man, oh man, is she delivering!

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