Simon Parkes Today Update News! (Must Video)

Everyone get on the TRUMP train quick, cuz the TRUMP train has no brakes for a reason ! # MAGA

Thank you Simon! Most of us are awake & know Biden is NOT president.. He has to be very careful & wait for above confirmation.

The things your forgetting are, President Trump served one term under the corporation. Now that it has been dissolved he can serve two more terms under the new republic!!

Since 1871 America became a corporation, that’s how they modified laws, created the Fed, started bleeding us dry sending our money to London and the Vatican forward thanks to TRUMP.! So Trump as CEO has abolished the corporation of America, we are NOW a republic again, that will make TRUMP the 19th President, think consatution, rule of law. ! Go Trump greatest President EVER !

Thank you Simon. I agree that these greedy parasites need to be removed from their positions, so that a system that serves the best interest of humanity can prevail! Sending love and light to all from Canada.

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