Taking Our Country Back & Holding The Criminals Accountable!! – SGT Report (Must Video)

The thing is, that creature called “man,” is thoroughly corrupt by nature. Suspects he’s broken but can’t come to grips with it until he’s really broken or it’s too late. Trust me, you don’t want to left behind when everyone around is saying aliens abducted millions of people all at the same time, with any evidence, (but it’s called the rapture). Any day now.

If we don’t change our ways now, very soon people will be eating dirt. Literally. If they come knocking on your door, will you shoot them, or feed them? Some will say right off that I have to protect my family. Your neighbor is also your family. Even if he’s on the opposite coast.

Who can tally the number of federal laws? Has anyone ever done it? They’d have to do it over every day. And who can tally the individual laws of all the individual state’s laws? Infinity? There-in is the man of lawlessness.

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