Texas Sheriff Warns of ‘Dangerous Consequences’ of Biden’s Border Policies


A Texas sheriff has issued a warning to the American people about the “dangerous consequences” emerging from the border as a result of Joe Biden’s immigration policies.

Jackson County Sheriff AJ Louderback told Fox News host Tucker Carlson that it is “absolutely true” that the Biden administration is releasing illegal immigrants straight into U.S. communities without testing them for COVID-19 first.

“It’s absolutely true,” Sheriff Louderback told Carlson.

“It’s even, if I can continue, Tucker, the memo, the memo that I received this last week, it’s essentially a defund the ICE by memo, by a memorandum that was sent out by David Borkowski on Jan. 20 or 21.

“So this is a particularly devastating document for Texans and Americans here in the United States,” Louderback added.

“The message really has been sent, when I read it first and looked at it, it’s a message to the world, you can come here illegally, you could commit crimes here against Americans and remain here illegally.”

Louderback warned that, under the Biden administration’s policies for the southern border and immigration, people “are going to get hurt, seriously injured, killed.”

Louderback revealed that law enforcement officials are “worried” that the policies would cause “irreparable harm.”

“Every police officer in the United States should be extremely concerned about the attitude, the lawlessness, the complete abject removal of law, we have a nullification of the law here going on,” he said.

“It’s not we’re not we’re gonna … enforce anything, we’re going to we’re going to allow our CBP, our ICE officers, USCIS, all three were affected by this memo, which effectively guts the IMA and in handcuffs them where they’re unable to respond.

“So in law enforcement here, those of us who do not have the jurisdiction to enforce the federal laws here, we have created a situation here, which is unthinkable for the public.

“The public has no idea, the strength of a memorandum that’s been filed here in the United States by this administration.”

Sheriff Louderback isn’t the only top law enforcement official to raise the alarm about the border.

As Neon Nettle reported earlier, a Maryland sheriff has also issued a warning to the American people, asserting that America “will not be safe” under Joe Biden’s new immigration policies.

Speaking during an interview Monday on Fox News, Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins warned about the threat that Biden’s policy changes pose.

“Americans should be angry and outraged,” Sheriff Jenkins told “Fox & Friends” host Steve Doocy.

“What he’s done is effectively and functionally dismantled ICE, basically telling the agents to stand down,” Jenkins explained.

He was referring to the new guidelines set out by the Biden administration that require Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents to make fewer arrests and deportations regardless of the immigrant’s criminal background.

“There will be no enforcement,” Jenkins said.

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