Trump Re-Installed By April: Before The Planned Military Purge of Conservatives


Obama purged many conservative military leaders. Trump SHOULD HAVE reversed that, I don’t think he did.    He gave the military lots of money, thinking that would buy loyalty, but the leftists types don’t care.

Now the word on the the street is that coming in a month of two, all military members will be forced to take a new “oath”. And breaking that oath would subject them to prosecution. Methinks that the new revised oath will require them to pledge loyalty to, not the ‘President of the United States’ but to pledge loyalty to Joseph Robinette Biden II.

This will mind fuck many in the military.   And thus if there is a military move to restore the USA, it should be before that starts happening.   And wouldn’t it be great to restore the USA to the old USA, not the corporation of the USA in which you are simply on the balance sheet.


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