[VIDEO] Watch What Happens to This Flag As Trump Supporters Sing National Anthem…It’s Like “It Knew…”

Many people who watched this thought it was a sign from God…maybe they’re right. Whatever it was, it was a truly special moment caught on video.

Here’s the skinny:

A large group of Trump supporters was singing the National Anthem together – before we go any farther, I should note that I have no idea when or where this took place, but in all honestly, that’s not really the point here…It’s all about the flag.

So, as I said, this amazing group of patriots is singing the National Anthem, and at the end, right at the line about the home of the free and the land of the brave this gust of wind comes along and unfurls the flag.

Trust me, it’s magical when you see it – my description doesn’t do it justice.


I understand that this feels really disheartening and cruddy right now.

But this is when we need to fight the hardest.

Tune out the media lies, turn off Fox News, and keep fighting.

What can you do to fight?

Share information, crush their narrative, call your state legislatures and demand they back President Trump, and don’t get down…be like that flag and keep flying no matter what.

Fight for Trump, fight your country, and fight your family by letting your voice be heard loud and clear.

Never submit or surrender.

It will get darker before the dawn. Hold the line!

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