Whoa! Matt Gaetz Sets The Internet On Fire With A Viral Remark About Trump & GOP

On Sunday, Trump ally Rep. Matt Gaetz caused a stir on Social Media after declaring ” I’m not going back to yesterday’s Republican Party. THIS IS DONALD TRUMP’S PARTY!”

His tweet is already viral, counting more than 180k likes, 41.3k retweets and 30.2k comments.

Congresswoman-elect Rep. Lauren Boebert agreed with Matt Gaetz, replying:

“It certainly is. MAGA is here to stay!”

According to the latest Rasmussen poll, a large majority of likely Republican voters want the party to be more like President Donald Trump than the average GOP member of Congress.

Just 24% of likely GOP voters see the average congressional Republican as a better model for the party than Trump, while 72% say the GOP should be more like the outgoing president.

Still, according to the poll, a slight majority (52%) would like a new Republican on the 2024 presidential ticket, while 63% among Democrats and unaffiliated likely voters want a fresh face.

That data point is significant because in a similar Rasmussen survey six years ago, 60% of likely GOP voters wanted a new face to be their presidential nominee, leading to the rise of Trump.

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